Online Roulette – Advanced Tips and Tricks

Online Roulette – Advanced Tips and Tricks

Roulette – Advanced Tips and Tricks

Roulette is one of the simplest casino games ever created – and it’s this simplicity that makes the game so popular. However, there’s one big downside to the entire deal. Namely, it means that it’s virtually impossible for players to beat the game. Beating casinos is incredibly hard even if you can pick any game, but roulette simply shuts the door by having virtually no strategic dimensions.

So are there any tips and tricks that we could give you or is that exercise completely pointless? Well, we think that there are things one can do in order to improve his or her roulette results, so let’s get straight to them!

Online Roulette – Advanced Tips and Tricks
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Pick the Right Roulette Variation

As you probably know, roulette can come in various shapes and sizes – and it’s your task to stick to those that have the lowest house edge.

The French version of roulette is undoubtedly the best possible option, regardless of whether it uses the “la partage” rule or the “en prison” rule. The important thing here is that you don’t automatically lose your entire stake when you find a zero on an even-money bet – it might look like a small detail, but it will do wonders for your returns in the long term.

The European version of roulette that has pockets from zero to thirty-six and that comes with no additional rules isn’t as good as the French version, but it’s a very respectable choice that you should feel free to go with.

The American version, which has two pockets with zeros, is then the worst choice of the “big three”, as the additional zero increases the house edge by a fair margin. It’s still a better deal that many other casino bets, but there’s no need to rush to it if one has different options.

Finally, you should stay clear of all mini-roulette tables. The idea of playing with a smaller number of pockets might look quite appealing at first, but these tables just aren’t worth it if you want to be rational. Put simply, the house edge tends to be sky-high here.

Get the Most out of Casino Bonuses

Since it’s incredibly hard to get any edge over the house in the game itself, you should always be trying to get the most out of the bonuses casinos offer.

First of all, you need to consider the issue of first deposit bonuses. Pretty much every single online casino has one and some casinos even have a selection of them, but the crucial thing is that you need to make sure that your roulette bets will be included in the rollover requirements. Unfortunately, some places don’t really like roulette players all that much due to the low house edge they’re confronted with, so it’s important that you aren’t going to fall into that particular trap. And, while you’re at it, make sure that you aren’t going to use a deposit method that isn’t eligible for first deposit bonuses (some casinos, for example, don’t like to give bonuses to players that deposit through e-wallets).

Of course, you should also remember to check these details if you ever decide to go for another deposit bonus later on, although you aren’t likely to run into any difficulties if you stay at just a single casino.

Secondly, try to take advantage of as many smaller promotions as you can, especially if you tend to play for small stakes. The various $10s might look small on paper, but they will accumulate over time – and that’s when they’re going to make a difference.

The small promotions aren’t the only thing that can add up over time, however, as there are also many casinos that offer interesting loyalty programs. These aren’t essential for players that want to change casinos on a regular basis, but they are an absolute must for those who want to stay at a single place. If that’s your plan, you should choose a casino that offers rewards for those who play a lot. Put simply, loyalty programs can be the difference between you ending with a loss and you ending with a profit!

To round things off, you should also take a look if the casino you’re playing at offers special bonuses for live casino tables. If so, you should definitely consider taking advantage of them, especially if you like playing roulette at them. These bonuses might be smaller than all the other bonuses, but that most certainly doesn’t mean that you should ignore them!

Roulette Physics?

Now – roulette might be an incredibly hard nut to crack, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t players that are trying to come up with some sort of a breakthrough. And, apparently, it’s physics they’re relying on in their quest for glory and riches.

You see, the croupier always has to make his or her move and the roulette wheel also works in a certain fashion, so some enthusiasts believe that it’s possible to work out various patterns that could then be used for improving one’s hit rate.

It’s hard to say whether this approach can be successful, but it’s probably the best try one can go for at the moment. You’ll most likely need to spend hundreds of hours researching stuff if you decide to go down this route, but there is money and fame to be made if you are successful.

If playing a lot of spins in a brick-and-mortar casino isn’t your cup of tea, you can also try to work on this approach at a virtual live casino table. It will be hard work, however, so we can’t recommend this venture to anyone but the most enthusiastic players.

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