Roulette – Mobile Websites versus Mobile Apps

Roulette – Mobile Websites versus Mobile Apps

Roulette – Mobile Websites versus Mobile Apps

Although the vast majority of players still prefer to play on their computers, it needs to be said that mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular – and that’s why pretty much every single online casino has a mobile website or a mobile app its players can enjoy.

Roulette – Mobile Websites versus Mobile Apps

If you’re a newcomer, however, you might not be fully aware of what these two options entail and what are their advantages and disadvantages, so we’ve decided to write an article on that very topic, even though we have already covered the basics of mobile roulette here.

Roulette on Mobile Websites

Let’s start by examining what mobile websites are all about. Put simply, they are special versions of websites that are tailor-made for mobile devices, which means that they usually have slightly different interfaces, navigation options, and functions.

Players can access them by simply visiting their favourite casino from a mobile web browser, although some online casinos have dedicated mobile addresses that one needs to enter in order to get to these mobile websites.

Once there, things work exactly as they do on computers, so it’s really very straightforward. And leaving a mobile website is also incredibly simple – you just need to log yourself out and close the web browser.

Roulette Mobile Sites Pros & Cons

Undoubtedly, the one big advantage of mobile websites is that you don’t need to download any apps to your mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets. Accessing your casino account is done in the same way as from a regular computer – and there’s no real learning curve either, since the interfaces of mobile websites typically resemble those of regular ones.

Some time ago, mobile websites often had poor functionality, offering only a couple of games on top of some basic account management features. However, the times have changed a lot, with modern websites having almost everything one could think of.

That said, it’s fair to say that they are yet to fully match mobile apps on that particular front, especially when it comes to advanced features like live casinos. These are – and probably always will be – really hard to implement when it comes to mobile websites.

What’s more, mobile websites typically offer less comfort than mobile apps when it comes to the actual gaming. Whereas mobile apps tend to offer games with custom-made interfaces that make playing smooth and easy, things can be somewhat clunky when you play on a mobile website.

Roulette on Mobile Apps

Unlike mobile websites, mobile apps have to be downloaded and installed before they can be used. Usually, it’s possible to find a direct link to these apps on the main website of the casino you’re playing at, although some will force you to find them through the official app stores.

Once you find the app you’re looking for, you’ll have to install it on your device and allow it to access your mobile internet connection. Next, it will ask you for your login information, so you’ll also have to enter that in order to be all set.

Now – mobile apps rarely resemble mobile websites, so you’ll have some learning ahead of yourself. That said, it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes if you’ve already had a chance to work with a few mobile apps, so there’s nothing you should be overly worried about.

Leaving a mobile app is a matter of seconds and it should also log you out automatically, so you don’t have to be worried about that unless you’re sharing your mobile device with someone else. You’ll probably want to uninstall the mobile app once you’re done with a particular casino, however.

Roulette Apps Pros & Cons

The main unique selling point of mobile apps is their overall functionality. Whereas mobile websites can be a bit bare from time to time, mobile apps often have virtually every single thing the given online casino offers – and that includes features like large games repertoires and live casino tables.

What’s more, mobile apps allow casinos to include custom-made interfaces for their games, which translates into a better gaming experience that can take advantage of everything touch controls offer. Put simply, you’ll just never have any issues clicking the right buttons!

On the other hand, mobile apps have to be downloaded and installed, which is something that many players might not be too comfortable with. If you’re one of those players that like to keep their gaming trace-less, it’s fair to say that you probably won’t like the entire concept as such.

Finally, there are no guarantees that you’ll actually be able to get a mobile app up and running even if your favourite online casino has one on offer. Whereas mobile websites can be accessed from pretty much every single modern mobile device out there, you might be out of luck as far as mobile apps are concerned if you’ve got a smartphone without Android or iOS.

Mobile Roulette Overview

All in all, it’s pretty much impossible to say which one of the mobile options is better. In our opinion, you should just go ahead and try both of them before deciding which one is the right one for you.

If you’re a recreational player that doesn’t want to play on the go very often, you’ll probably like mobile website more than mobile apps, as they’re easier to access and also easier to leave – and, well, they aren’t going to take up space on your mobile device either.

If you’d like to play on a regular basis, however, you’ll probably prefer mobile apps due to the additional gaming comfort they tend to come with. They might be slightly harder to get into, but they do have the edge in most areas.

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