Top Live Roulette Online Casinos

Top Live Roulette Online Casinos

Top 5 Online Casinos with Live Roulette

Live casino tables seem to be all the rage nowadays when it comes to playing roulette online, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all that easy for new players to get into everything. After all, there are live casino tables to be found almost everywhere, so how does one pick the right casino to play at? Well, it’s certainly hard to give a concrete answer to that question, but we’ve decided to help you out by suggesting a list of five top-notch casino that are absolutely stellar when it comes to live tables.

If you would like to know more about live Roulette in online casinos this article covers the topic.

All Slots

To get the ball rolling, we’ve decided to highlight one of the most experienced casinos of them all, All Slots. The name might lead you to believe that there are no roulette games to be found at this place, but nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, All Slots have live casino deals with two different companies, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, which ensures that they have at least a few roulette tables on offer 24/7. Furthermore, All Slots also have a very generous first deposit bonus, which makes them ideal for players that are just starting out.


When talking about stellar casinos that get all the fundamentals right, it’s hard to ignore the efforts of Casino-X, who seem to be striving to become a fully modern casino with an old-school twist or two. Put simply, they don’t seem to be too keen on trying to overreach in any area, with their focus on the basics having the center stage at all times.

And what exactly does that translate to? Well, there’s not only a juicy bonus package to welcome everyone, but also a huge amount of games of all shapes and sizes. This naturally includes live roulette games as well – and the one noteworthy detail is that Casino-X are getting those from both Microgaming and NetEnt.

Royal Vegas

Big first deposit bonuses are undoubtedly what many players are after first and foremost, so we can’t possibly leave Royal Vegas out of this list. These guys are offering as much as €1200 for free to all takers, which is an offer that really is hard to refuse.

When it comes to live roulette, Royal Vegas combine Microgaming and Evolution Gaming, which is arguably the best possible combination for all roulette fans. While Evolution Gaming are all about innovation and cutting-edge technologies, Microgaming prefer a much slower approach – and Royal Vegas allow you to enjoy both of these takes in one go!


The next place that we’d like to highlight here goes by the name of Unibet and it’s actually the biggest place on this list in terms of how much it offers. And why is that? Well, because Unibet aren’t just an online casino – they are also a sports betting service, a poker room, and a bingo place!

This article is only about live roulette, however, so how good are Unibet when it comes to that? The short answer is well above the average, as there are tables from more than just a single provider here. That’s not all, however, as we also really like the number of stake ranges that you can choose from – the roulette games are accessible for both high rollers and low-stakes players!

Finally, Unibet are one of the few online casinos that have a dedicated mobile app that players can use in order to enjoy live casino tables on the go. Things aren’t as glamorous on the small screen as they are on the big one, but they certainly are as much fun!

Mr. Green

The final place on our list goes to Mr. Green, one of the most under-rated casinos on the market at the moment. We suppose that there are some players who might not fall in love with the attitude of the guys behind the project, but that’s actually one of the biggest draws as far as we’re concerned – and what Mr. Green offer in terms of gaming is simply astonishing.

Let’s focus on the department of live roulette here though. At Mr. Green, you’re going to find live tables from a grand total of three providers, so you’re essentially guaranteed to have a lot to choose from regardless of when you jump in. It’s not only about the sheer number of tables here, however, as there’s a tremendous variety in terms of roulette variants and stake ranges as well.

Like Unibet, Mr. Green also have mobile apps with live casino functionality – and, truth to be told, their mobile apps are arguably the very best that you can find nowadays!

Summing Up

All in all, there’s definitely no shortage of great online casinos with excellent live roulette games – and it’s impossible to go wrong with the five that we’ve outlined above. After reading through the paragraphs, you probably already know which one you should check first and foremost, but it’s probably a good idea to sum things up again nonetheless.

If you’re looking for a casino that’s focusing only on the fundamentals, you should head over to All Slots, Casino-X, or Royal Vegas. Those are the places that prefer simplicity and overall comfort over everything else, so you’ll feel right at home at them.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, on the other hand, it’s the duo of Mr. Green and Unibet that you should place at the top of your priorities. Unibet are the more complete package of services, while Mr. Green are a casino with a few other interests, so just go with what looks like the better combination to you.

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